Anastasia Itkina

Stamp project


Greetings from California.


A collection of postal stamps dedicated to California and San Francisco in particular. Each of my personal postcards goes with one of the stamps.

Artboard 87@4x.png
Artboard 88@4x.png
Artboard 91@4x.png
Artboard 89@4x.png
Artboard 92@4x.png
Artboard 98@4x.png
Artboard 96@4x.png
Artboard 97@4x.png
Artboard 93@4x.png
Artboard 99@4x.png
Artboard 94@4x.png
Artboard 100@4x.png
Artboard 101@4x.png
Artboard 90@4x.png

Year: 2018
Client: Personal