Anastasia Itkina



Sharing dearest secrets through flowers


Flowers are the silent carriers of humans stories. They set up a non-verbal communication channel that helps to convey a particular emotional state and mood from the giver to the receiver. Nigella is a San Francisco based Botanical Boutique providing the highest quality flower arrangements throughout California. Their creativity, warmth, and professionalism is portrayed in everything they execute.

Flowers hold our closest secrets that we share only with our cherished loved ones. Nigella’s new word mark containssimple hidden leaves embedded in the type to reflect the subtleties of the secrets we carry.

The inspiration for the new identity system has been taken from old botanical illustrations that celebrated diversity and complexity of flower forms. Delicate and highly-detailed elements of the brand emphasize the precious tradition of giving flowers to someone special.

We created a brand identity system that would live across Nigella’s stores. From business cards to hanging signs, flower sleeves, and note cards. The brand will subtly live and enhance the incredible beauty the flowers and team already create throughout.


Year: 2018
Client: Nigella SF
Made at Born & Bred Creative