Anastasia Itkina

Music Box


The Music Box.


The Music Box is an analogue musical instrument that produces sound using programmed sensors and piezo buzzer. It consists of a wooden box with digital contents, a special board for notes and black beads that are used to 'write' the melody. The board covers 2 octaves. Each hole in the board is related to a specific note and placing a black bead in this hole means playing it. 

The board should be dragged through the box thattransforms beads' combinations into the sound. There is a special white column on the right side that works as a pitch transposer. Placing beads in the yellow and the white rows simultaneously makes the box play the yellow note in the 5th octave instead of the 4th. You should not place more than 2 beads in one horizontal row.


Year: 2014
Client: Personal