Anastasia Itkina

Moscow Kremlin Museums


The Moscow Kremlin Museums. Packaging Concept.


The Moscow Kremlin Museums are the center of national heritage situated in the heart of the city. The museums include 8 churches and chambers that display a wide range of collections, including state regalia, diplomatic gifts, jewelry and other historically valuable exhibits. The concept was based on two polar images of the Kremlin. 

The place is associated with festivity as it gathers a great amount of tourists and moscovites daily. On the other hand, the Kremlin has a mysterious and unexplored side that is closely connected to its history. Visuals are split into two parts; each of them is presenting either the bright and energetic atmosphere of the Kremlin or is hidden in a shadow. 


ll packages and wrapping paper have the same structure: architectural pictograms decorate the package from the outside while pictograms of regalia are placed inside boxes and bags in a form of a pattern.


Year: 2015
Client: Moscow Kremlin Museums